Dear CrossFit Nutley Coaches, Members and Friends,

We are excited to announce the next chapter for CrossFit Nutley Superhero Laboratory!

When Jason and I opened CrossFit Nutley in 2013 we knew it would be special, but we never knew just how much! We set out to teach people how to live healthier, stronger, happier lives. We wanted peoples’ lives to change for the better…We could not have asked for better results! Thank you for making our dream a reality.

During the end of 2019, Jason and I began discussing the future of CrossFit Nutley. Some personal life events had put new demands on us and we wondered just how much longer we could make it all work. We were contemplating closing the gym but the idea of walking away was painful. We struggled with leaving behind a community that has been there for us and each other for so long. This proved to be a difficult decision and we dreaded the impact it would have on the people we have come to care so much about. Just as we were coming to terms with all of this, we serendipitously discovered that one of our members had a dream to open his own gym. Jason and I felt a sigh of relief and instantly knew that everything would be ok.

In January we began discussing transferring ownership of CrossFit Nutley to Blake Pugaczewski. Blake told us he loves our gym exactly as it is and that he would want it to stay exactly the same. After several conversations about business operations, practices and goals, we realized that Blake would be the perfect fit and decided to finalize the transfer.

We intended to make this announcement to all of you on March 28th, the day of the gathering we had planned…but COVID-19 happened…and well, you know… So here we are, hopeful that by mid-May or at least June 1st, we will be getting back to life as we once knew it.

Our plan is to collaborate with Blake to ensure that everything you know and love about CrossFit Nutley and your community continues to operate the same. Jason will continue to provide us with his challenging programming, myself and the other coaches you know will continue leading your classes and membership fees will remain the same. The goal is that you won’t even notice the change!

We thank you all for contributing to the success of our business, we know that without you it would not be possible. Jason and I look forward to many more years of working with Blake and all of you to continue our mission for building a strong, healthy and happy community.

Blake, we have the utmost confidence in you and know you’ll continue our legacy with success! Congratulations!!

Now, a few words from Blake…

Hello Members and Coaches,

I wanted to take this time to formally introduce myself to those who may not have met or spoken to me in person yet, my name is Blake Pugaczewski. I’ve been an active member of CrossFit Nutley for about a year and interning as a coach for about 6 weeks prior to the shutdown.

I’ve found the entire CrossFit Nutley community to be fantastic. Every interaction I’ve had with members, coaches and of course Jason and Wendy has been nothing but positive, fun and insightful. It’s been a dream of mine to open a gym for some time now and a few months ago, by complete chance, an opportunity presented itself for me to possibly assume ownership of CrossFit Nutley. After a few months of several meetings and conversations with both Wendy and Jason the three of us felt extremely positive about the prospect.

Prior to the pandemic, we set a date to change ownership on May 1st, 2020. During this time of uncertainty, we have been in constant communication and stuck to our target date. Since the shutdown went into effect, every decision regarding the gym in its entirety, including members, has been a collaborative effort. We’ve had one singular goal in mind, to put the members first. Wendy and Jason have a very strong connection with every single one of you and that is something I admire about them and the way they’ve run this business for the last 7 years. I hope to build these same connections with each of you and with their full support, I intend for a seamless transition.

I hope that everyone is well, staying safe and keeping a positive mindset for what the future holds! I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT TO OPEN CFN’s DOORS BACK UP AND CRUSH A WORKOUT WITH EACH OF YOU!

Please feel free to contact Blake or Wendy or both of us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Watch for an upcoming ZOOM happy hour to celebrate! It will be posted on our website within the next couple of days!


Wendy & Jason Reo & Blake Pugaczewski
CrossFit Nutley – Superhero Laboratory LLC

2 Baltimore Street, Nutley, NJ 07110
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