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  • Class sizes will be limited to 9 people providing ample personal space:
    • 9 members
    • 1 coach
  • If you register for class and are absent, the following penalties will incur:
    • 1st offense: Warning
    • 2nd offense: Loss of 1 class
    • 3rd offense: Loss of 2 classes and a $10 fee will be applied
  • ONLY those who registered for class times will be permitted inside the facility during that time
  • You may not enter the facility until previous class exits the building
    • Your coach will notify you when you may enter
  • Masks are mandatory for all STAFF and MEMBERS as long it does not not become a health risk
  • Everyone entering the facility will be required to have their temperature taken with a non-invasive no contact thermometer
  • All members will be required to wash their hands after temperature has been taken at our 2 hand washing stations or bathroom
  • You must be prepared to start on time, which means temperatures taken and hand washing must be completed before the warm up begins
  • You are only permitted to bring following items:
    • Water/shaker bottles
    • Notebooks
    • Small hand towels
    • Personal equipment used for the workout of the day
      • Examples: jump rope, lifting shoes, weight belts, wrist wraps
  • There will be NO SHARING OR PAIRING of equipment
  • Gloves can be worn as long as they provide safe grip while handling equipment
  • All chalk buckets have been removed from the gym indefinitely
  • Coaches are required to follow protocols for disinfecting all equipment used, mopping the floors between classes and taking temperatures
  • 4 automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are visibly placed throughout the gym
  • The bathroom will remain open but we strongly urge you to LIMIT the use of the bathroom to hand washing only
  • Coaches reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are late, unprepared or having issues with the new guidelines
2 Baltimore Street, Nutley, NJ 07110
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