CrossFit Programming:

Jason Reo has experience as a CrossFitter for 12+ years. Up until he was introduced to CrossFit, he was working out for 16 years doing more traditional weight training and cardio workouts. For him, the appeal of CrossFit was and still is the definition of CrossFit itself; Constantly varied  functional movements performed at high intensity. Ultimately he was impressed with the results it seemed to produce for those that subscribed to the methodology.  Not long after he began CrossFit, he started programming his own workouts, experimenting largely on himself along with some friends. With over 1,000 transformed bodies, Jason’s reputation for creating the most dynamic workout program has become undeniable.

‘It soon became evident that my programming was producing great results not only for myself but for those who followed it.  My approach  is mostly intuitive but I do pay attention to detail in that every muscle group is worked over a two week period by combining strength, conditioning and gymnastics movements.’  – Jason Reo

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